Serial Communication

23 09 2014

First tutorial of all. Or it is better to say tutorial summary, since I will only give links of useful tutorials in this post. The first topic to be posted is Serial Communication. Serial Communication has been used widely in embedded system. A lot of sensors or modules used serial as their main communication to exchange data. Serials only used a few wire to communicate, which is the advantage of these communication. The drawback it had is the serial com is slower compared to parallel communication. But in the embedded application where I/O limitation sometimes could become a problem, serial communication is definitely one of the option.

Well, cut to the chase. As I surf the Internet for good tutorial about Serial Communication, I stumbled upon tutorial from Sparkfun which is very easy to read and explain enough basic about serials. It explain about the difference about parallel and serial, wiring between two serial devices, the basic data packet used in serials, etc. Next, after understanding the basics, advanced user can go to explanation from for further details about serials and serial ports used in PC. And for *nix implementation, advanced user can go to explanation and example code at about Serial Programming Guide for POSIX Operating Systems.

Thats all. The all the three links are given below.



Another new plan for the Blog…

22 09 2014

Well after long hibernation of this blog, let’s restart again with something new. First, as we have noticed, I try to write in English. Even tough my English is not as good as native, but I think I have enough confidence in presenting it to the Internet world. LOL. Actually there are a few reason behind it. Since I want to continue my study abroad, I think it is necessary to improve my English by a lot. And, what is the best way to study english other than watching movie and reading books? Yes, the answer is writing. And since I have an old blog which I rarely opened in the last few years. I think I can reuse it and revive it again. Haha..

Other thing that I have in mind to revive this blog, is writing tutorial about lessons or other hobby thingies. Well I’ve told you before that I want to study abroad, and I feel the need to improve my technical skills and also my academics skills. While I roam in the real life with some studies or projects, it is usual that I stumbled upon some difficulties. And the best way to learn and try to solve all that “challenge” is by surfing on the Internet to look for references. Most of the time, I could easily solve the problems because some people on the internet world wrote about some tutorial that apparently explains the problem that I have. And some of the time, I couldn’t even find what I want to know. Sooo.. I think, maybe it is my time to give my contribution to the Internet world. Maybe it is only small portion compared to the vast internet world. But at least it served it purposes to help me improve my language. Well, it is still a plan for now. So I hope I can do and maintain it for a long time…

Well, see you in the next post…

Rise and Shine

26 07 2012

Sejujurnya udah lama ga ngeblog, dan sekarang pengen ngisi lagi aja. Dengan segala macam kejadian yang terjadi selama setengah tahun terakhir ini. Tampaknya banyak hal yang membuat saya belajar, belajar, dan belajar lagi. Teringat dulu di awal tahun, Bapak pernah berkata sesuatu yang kurang lebih kayak begini :

“Kemarin ga sengaja habis ngobrol sama orang pinter, katanya tahun ini adek bakal banyak keberuntungan.”

Well, awalnya sih mikir “yah syukurlah, semoga memang begitu”, dan habis itu ga ada mikirin lagi. Tapi ngeliat sekarang, ga nyangka aja udah banyak hal yang terjadi. Dan ga nyangka bahwa keberuntungan itu muncul dalam bentuk masalah. Dari masalah yang datang beberapa kali, membuat saya untuk belajar lagi pelan-pelan. Dari masalah studi, keluarga, dan bahkan perasaan. Semua masalah menunjukkan pelan-pelan apa yang saya kurang, dan apa yang harus saya kejar ke depannya. Read the rest of this entry »

Always Remember These Days

26 07 2012

The day when you feel at the lowest point, so you can learn to climb up and achieve higher.

The day when you realize that you are not alone, and friends are there to support you.

The day when you decide that you have to be stronger, smarter, and wiser to be able to hold on the one dearest for you.

The day when you promise yourself that you will be a better man, and prepare the best for your future family.

The day that you decide to take all chances in front of you, so there won’t be regret of not taking it.

The day when you face problems like best friends and fully understand that they are here to push you to the limit, so you can explore your potentials to the fullest.

And the day, when you look back in the future. You’ll be able to proudly say that “I’ve been through all these and now I’m ready to face the World”


25 Juli 2012

Email : attachment dan penyadapan

12 04 2011

Pada tugas kali ini diberikan soal sebagai berikut :

Anda diminta untuk melakukan dua hal:
– Kirimkan dua (2) attachment kepada diri Anda sendiri, kemudian lihat “raw file” dari berkas email tersebut. Tunjukkan bagaimana attachment diproses dalam email.
– Anda diminta untuk menyadap email dengan menggunakan tcpdump, wireshark, atau mailsnarf. (Pilih salah satu saja.) Tunjukkan bagaimana mail yang disadap itu.

Pada bagian pertama berkas raw file dibantu ditunjukkan dengan menggunakan program Thunderbird yang saya download dari internet. Saya sisipkan 2 buah attachment file yaitu gajah item.jpg dan pp.jpg, yang merupakan gambar dikirim dari akun email saya di yahoo ke gmail. Email-email saya di akun gmail discan oleh program thunderbird, dan dari sana saya mendapatkan raw filenya dimana terlihat kurang lebih seperti gambar di bawah ini.  Read the rest of this entry »

Jawaban Steganografi

28 03 2011

Postingan ini merupakan penjabaran mengenai bagaimana cara mendapatkan pesan yang tersimpan dalam steganografi pada postingan di Read the rest of this entry »

Tugas KI : Steganography

23 03 2011

Tugas kali ini tampaknya cukup menarik, yaitu mengenai steganography. Jadi soalnya adalah seperti ini :

“Anda diminta untuk membuat steganography dengan pesan yang ditentukan pada waktu di kelas.”

Awalnya saya bingung harus membuat seperti apa, setelah beberapa lama googling akhirnya saya mendapat suatu ide. Sebelum lanjut ke steganography yang saya buat saya akan sedikit mencoba mencantumkan pengertian dari steganography yang saya dapat dari wikipedia.

Steganography is the art and Science of writing hidden messages in such a way That no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects thE existence of the message, a form of security through obscurity. The word steganography is of Greek origin and means “concealed writing” from the Greek words steganos (στεγανός) meaning “covered or protected”, And graphein (γράφειν) meaning “to write”. The first recorded use of the term was in 1499 by Johannes Trithemius iN his Steganographia, a treatise on cryptography and steganography disguised as a book On magic. Generally, messages will appear to be something else: images, articles, shopping lists, or some other covertext and, classically, the hidden message may be in invisible ink between the visible lines of a private letter. Read the rest of this entry »